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Insight (Insight, #1)

Insight (Insight, #1) - Jamie Magee Having read some fantastic reviews for this novel I was looking forward to an action packed read full of intrigue and suspense. To be honest I was disappointed.

The storyline was unique and had the potential to be spellbinding, but some of the scenes were so weak they frustrated me. For example the demons that instilled unimaginable terror into everyone they went near were only awarded one sentence of description. They had red hair and spikes growing out of their spines and sounded more cute than frightening! I really felt that considering the amount of times they were mentioned and the severity of the consequences their fear was to bring upon the people they ‘sat on’ they deserved more delineation than they were given.

The description of the ‘storms’ in ‘the string’ came across as nothing more than a mild earth tremor certainly not something so severe and dangerous that it should be avoided if you valued your life!

I became confused over the significance of the blue and green flowers, the petals while covering Hannah’s and Jessica’s bodies kept them alive, I know earlier in the book Willow told Landen she thought the flowers represented them, is this why they kept the girls alive??? I don’t know, am I supposed to know???

I did like the characters Willow and Landen, it was great to finally read a ‘love’ story where both characters were strong and more importantly equal, it worked well

**(I tried my hardest to ignore the numerous typing errors…….no-one is perfect but one expects these things to be corrected in the editing stage and I hope Jamie finds a more competent editor for her next book,which by the way I WILL be reading)**..... Since reading a number of kindle books I now realise that typing errors are a major issue with every kindle book I have read and it is not an editing issue just an 'ebook' issue which I hope is a problem that will be solved in the near future sorry Jamie xx....