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Bewitched in Time (Salem Moon, #1)

Bewitched in Time (Salem Moon, #1) - Scarlet Black 3.5*

The amount of information about the Salem witch trials of 1692 shows clearly that Scarlet spent a great deal of time researching for this book. Her description of events, are incredibly detailed and vivid. Some of the scenes of punishment and torture are so well written you can instantly put yourself in that time and place.

Gabriel is a likeable if rather naïve character who won my heart from the start with his ‘easy going’ and ‘kind’ personality. He makes it easy for you to both love him and want to take care of him as he struggles to cope with the death of his father and sister. (which happened for him only 2 weeks ago but in reality it’s been over 300 years)

The love story between Lily and Gabriel is interesting. The pair have plenty of issues to over come if they want their relationship to move forward….the family feud the Snow curse and Gabriel’s families fear of Lily’s powers as well as Lucien’s determination to take over Gabriel’s soul at all cost. Happiness does not come easy to these two.

Lucien on the other hand is everything Gabriel is not……..he commits rape numerous times and some of those scenes are quite graphic leaving little to the imagination with the wording being rather vulgar and crude. It is at times quite harrowing to read.

The ending was a disappointment for me………I hate cliff hangers and stories that don’t end, it ruins the reading experience for me. This was one of those endings, we are left with no answers just questions and I don’t know when the next instalment is due out. I can never quite understand why authors do this but I find it extremely irritating .

To Scarlet Black….BTW I read in one of the reviews that there was an excessive use of exclamation marks in the book……….I don’t agree I had no problem with the punctuation at all :)