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Hammer of Thor

Hammer of Thor - S. Evan Townsend 3.5*

My initial thoughts were ‘wow’ this is a long book!! I can’t say I find the cover art particularly appealing I think it is aimed at men, it has a very masculine feel……..I know for sure had I seen this book in a shop I would not have given it the time of day.

The book is split into 3 ‘books’….. Book one ‘Arrowhead’ is set in 1932,… Book 2 ‘Katana’ takes us to 1943 and Book 3 ‘Mjollnir’ seven years later in 1950…so it does span over many years including the time of World War 2 and the Nazi’s.

It is narrated by an ‘adept’ named Joe/Francis/Frank Kader (he uses many names none are his own) ….‘Adepts’ are magical beings like witches who have powers that are made stronger by the use of a talisman, Initially ‘Joe’ is quite a lowly adept, his first talisman is an arrowhead that he stole when he was young before running away from home to bigger and better things in San Francisco. We follow him through many tough fights across various countries in his bid to become more powerful, he works his way up through the ranks obtaining more and more powerful talismans along the way until he is the almost the most powerful adept in the world.

I was totally surprised by this book, oddly I’m not used to reading stories from a male POV, I don’t know why that is and until I read this I’d never even realised before! That’s not a negative comment by the way just an observation. The writing flowed easily, it’s a style I really liked. The book was long but at no time was there any ‘waffle’, everything said was said for a reason and I enjoyed the read. As it was set in a time before I was born I expected it to feel old fashioned but it didn’t, obviously there were comments and ideals relevant of that time but the writing was modern so it didn’t feel dated. I was unsure whether the author was a man or woman and purposely Googled the name for information about other work published by ‘him’ and found there is a sequel to this book out soon …’Agent of Artifice’ release date 15th November 2011 and by the way the cover art on that novel (though not fantastic!) is better!

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