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Maladrid (Tales of Dominhydor, #1)

Maladrid (Tales of Dominhydor, #1) - Jessica McHugh


He is dreaming tonight...
Sometimes, the only way to escape a doomed existence is to dream yourself into a world where salvation is possible. It is such a dream that leads a commoner named Maladrid into the heart of Dominhydor: an uncommon world fraught with war, magick, and a destiny he never expected. "Maladrid" is the first book in "Tales of Dominhydor": an epic series certain to capivate hearts, minds, and inspire anyone who dares to dream…

I know the saying goes ‘you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover’ and maybe I was a little guilty of this even though I tried my hardest not to be. The cover art did not appeal to my taste at all. It is however a Jessica McHugh and I haven’t been anything but impressed with her work….until now….

I used the original blurb because I was so confused by the whole story that I was unable to correctly tell you exactly what this book is about. The place names the character names and even the species names were so foreign that I couldn’t keep them straight in my head……..half the time I couldn’t remember if Syr was a place or Mancyte was a person it was almost like I was reading a book in a different language and it totally ruined the read for me. Rosdin, Fircyn Shadaran, Dominhydor, Laia, lyraera, yven, Forbor …. these are just some of the words that would not naturally flow for me while I read so rather than enjoy, it became a chore and took me longer than normal to finish the book.

I will say that this type of tale is not my usual choice and I’m sure there are readers out there who this book will greatly appeal to, unfortunately I’m not one of them … sorry.

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