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Palaplia (Tales of Dominhydor, #3)

Palaplia (Tales of Dominhydor, #3) - Jessica McHugh This book exceeded my expectations. I seem to be enjoying each new segment of the series more than the previous one. The characters becoming so familiar to me now that I feel like I know them and their history well. I enjoyed reading about Maladrids and Palaplias childhood, it was nice to see there was a time they were able to enjoy a light and carefree existence before age and responsibilities darkened the majority of their days.

This is though, still a very sad read; War, violence and death being so the norm that it over shadows any love, romance or happiness that appears in the story. The most heart wrenching scene for me was when Yven left this world, she was such a strong character that I was sad to lose her and the despair Palaplia felt at her passing was so well written it brought tears to my eyes.

I cannot express how much I enjoy JM’s work. Her ability to drag me into her world amazes me. Her writing style is beautiful and appeals to me as a reader because of its easy and natural flow. It is visible how much she has grown and improved as an author from the beginning of this series; which she informed me was started ten years ago; to this more recent instalment.

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