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The Man of My Dreams

The Man of My Dreams - Gladys Quintal ‘flipping heck’ where to start!

You know this story is a good story, but this book lets that story down; it’s a really bad book!

I think Stephanie Meyer has a lot to answer for, she had a dream about a vampire, woke up and wrote her dream down. That dream turned into four books and stole the heart of thousands of people all over the world. Stephanie Meyer became a successful author, her success made people believe if she could do it so could they. And that people is where the problem lays!!!

Helloooo……..It’s not that easy to write a book!

For instance if the idea of simple sentences and clauses or compound sentences and complex sentences confuses you, or if talking about
hanging participle sentences causing ambiguity goes right over your head then maybe a few classes in language and grammar is the place to start before you even consider writing a book. They all confuse the hell out of me by the way that’s why I’m a reader NOT a writer!!

The problem with self published books is the lack of editing. An editor knows all about the technical side of writing and is paid a lot of money (for good reason) to turn your story into a readable novel. This book needs an edit desperately!

It’s such a shame because the plot is quite interesting and the cliff hanger ending has made me want to read the next book I just wish Gladys quintal had spent the money on a half decent edit before she decided to self publish her work because then it would have been a much easier more enjoyable read.