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Little Orphan Anvil (Little Orphan Anvil, #1)

Little Orphan Anvil (Little Orphan Anvil, #1) - Joseph Beekman,  Kelsey Grimmer
I’m not sure what age this book was written for but it is a lovely story and could appeal to children and adults alike. The writing is simple, there are no words of profanity and the fight scenes are not too graphic for young people!

The magical realm that Joseph sent us to was a very dark and depressing place with little hope until Sonny and his dog Ranger happened across the droid (Anvil). They then went on to meet Will, Anvil’s maker and Kelsey a young girl who was a strong and brave character. Together they travel to the land of shadows to defeat the witch. The story is action packed full of fun and adventure. It’s a quick and easy read with a feel good ending.

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