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Accountable to None (Eviscerating the Snake, #1)

Accountable to None (Eviscerating the Snake, #1) - Ashley Fontainne 3.5*

After being raped and brutally beaten by one of the partners at her firm, Audra Tanner spends five years plotting revenge against the man who did it and the co-workers who ignored her cries for help. From her position in the company she is able to hide cameras and microphones throughout the companies offices and hack into the E-mail accounts of everyone who works there. Gathering secret information on each of the partners, Audra hopes that eventually she will be able to use it to her advantage and make them pay once and for all for what was done to her that night. When builders discover the remains of a female, missing for over thirty years, Audra realises that she may just have the evidence that connects her rapist to the murder of this poor girl…

Olin is the protagonist and he is not a nice person. I felt the author went a little too far with this character and his numerous attacks on female workers. The whole company was aware of the mans constant verbal, physical and sexual assaults on women yet they ignored it or paid the women off to keep them quiet…WTF….These men seriously needed to ‘grow a pair’ why did none of them stand up for and help the victims???…It kind of made me feel odd because it meant that there was no-one in the book that I could respect or like. I pitied Audra, she had been through a very rough ordeal, but I didn’t really like her, she had put work first and was very self centred even before the attack. For me it would have been more believable if none of his co-workers were aware of his antics; at least that way I may have been able to connect with or like at least one of the books characters

Accountable to none without doubt has a very compelling plot and overall the writing flows quite well. The ending leaves us open for a second novel which I will be looking out for.