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Sleepy Willow's Bonded Soul: The Narcoleptic Vampire Series: 1

Sleepy Willow's Bonded Soul  - Dicey Grenor Strictly 18 and over


After Willow’s Aunt is killed in a car accident, caused by narcolepsy, Willow is determined to find a cure for the genetic condition that she herself also suffers with. Taking part in various medical trials, seeing a number of doctors and swallowing a whole cocktail of pills don’t help, so Willow decides to make the ultimate sacrifice and become a Vampire. Unfortunately it didn’t work Willow still has the condition and with Vampirism now being illegal the world is a very dangerous place for her, she can at any moment fall asleep and that makes her extremely vulnerable.

Our protagonist, Willow, works in a fetish club performing for necrophiliacs which is a pretty good act for a vampire, so anyone with hang-ups for all things ‘kinky’ should not be reading this book. I personally didn’t find the sex scenes vulgar or crass, I thought they were as tastefully written as they could be considering their nature but any reader should be fore warned that some people could be offended by the adult content which is not in the ‘normal’ range of sexual tendencies!!

It was a very refreshing change to have an imperfect vampire, we are so used to them being perfection personified, larger than life, almost ‘God’ like, that to find one that has a major defect was quite nice. Narcolepsy is a medical condition where the sufferer falls asleep without warning at anytime of the day or night so as you can imagine this can become quite tiresome (pun intended lol) for a vampire especially if she is in the middle of feeding or fleeing from danger when it happens.

I loved Willow she was such a fun, strong willed female who struggled with her beliefs and her lifestyle but like the rest of us she just plodded on making the best she could out of her situation. The fact that her parents and brothers were very religious and thought her narcolepsy was the work of the devil put a sad slant on this tale and because she has to hide her vampirism from them I think she’s a bit lonely too.

Aaron was probably the most interesting and complicated person in the book, what a twist? I really don’t want to give anything about him away so it’s difficult to speak about him, but bringing this person into the book was absolute genius on Dicey’s part, it brought yet more uniqueness to this already very different story.

The last chapter wrapped up things nicely for the sub characters, answering our questions about Aaron’s early life and telling us where the lives of the other club performers were headed, while leaving the story wide open where Willow is concerned, and leaving the reader wanting more.

So…….. I’m always searching for those few reads that drag me in to the point where I am so absorbed with the story that nothing else matters and up to about 60% of my way through this book I really thought this was one of those books, I couldn’t put it down and only stopped reading when I fell asleep kindle in hand! Sadly the last 40% didn’t keep me as engrossed as the beginning had. I don’t know why but I think it was at the point where Willow was kidnapped, her vulnerability with the narcolepsy made me like her but the weakness she showed during that incident made me lose some of the respect I had for her and left me groaning out loud at her inability to protect herself against a mere human. At 90% I had no problem putting the book down to go to sleep so I knew at that point that although I was still enjoying the book I was no-longer totally engrossed. It is for that reason alone that I have to take away .5 from my rating. I liked the writing, the story, the characters, the pace, I enjoyed reading it and the editing was spot on! I am disappointed that the story lost its edge in the latter part but this in no way means the book wasn’t fantastic, because it was. I know my rating system can be frustrating for authors because many reviewers would give this book 5 stars, but personally I have to save those 5* ratings for books that excel at everything for me and keep me totally 100% absorbed living the book from start to finish and beyond and this one didn’t quite do it although it came close! I’m so pleased Dicey allowed me to read it and I can’t wait for the next instalment, maybe that one will be the 5* book I am searching for!!

Everyone’s taste in books varies widely and this review is my own personal and honest opinion.

Copy supplied by author for review thank-you.