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Fourfold - Charles D. Shell 3.5*

An intriguing tale of parallel dimensions and certain peoples ability to ‘fold’ these dimensions (folding is the ability to bring actions that are ‘normal’ in one dimension into another where it is ‘not normal’……. If that makes any sense…. And I hope I defined it correctly!!) Galen is one of those people, but has been on the run and hiding for 10 years in the hopes that he won’t be found and killed. Unfortunately his ex- girlfriend Lian accidentally stumbles across him in a café and all hell breaks loose.

The story kind of dragged me in then lost me all in the first chapter! I was curious and interested, the writing was already comfortable and flowing and I wanted to learn what Galen’s connection with the Asian woman standing at the bar was. Once the ‘fight scene’ started my excitement grew but it seemed to go on and on and on, and lasted way too long for me. I discovered as I got further into the book that this was going to be a trend. Any fight scenes were going to be over written, dragged out and described within an inch of their lives and for some reason it really irritated me. It was like the grand finale, that we normally read half a book to get to, written in every other chapter without the foreplay to get us in the mood!! The pace was just too fast it left me breathless.

The characters were well developed, Arthur was a bit of a wimp throwing up at every second turn (literally!) but then finds out he is actually a mage and has a few abilities of his own! Lian is a very ‘hard-ass’ lady with a softness inside, she is extremely dextrous with a sword, Galen can dodge machine gun bullets but no-way could he defend himself from Lian if she decided to go for his jugular. Galen is the misunderstood and wronged nice guy who is determined to find out and prove what really happened on that fateful night when Lian’s father was killed , which started all this off in the first place. I think out of all the characters Earnest and Wesley were my favourite. They amused me and at times I laughed out loud at their comments, a walking laptop seemed a bit unrealistic though even in futuristic terms because it would hardly be practical having a little flat thing running around the floor and that was just one more thing that stopped me really getting deep into the book.

There were some typo and formatting errors, for example a new line and capital letter mid sentence, the odd missing word or ‘they’ instead of ‘the’ but that pretty much seems the norm for e-books and may not be an issue in the printed version (if there is one)

I’m not sure in which genre this book is placed, we have advanced machinery, runic illusions and spellcrafts, different/ parallel dimensions and even duplicate people in this very complicated plot, so is it YA? Adult? Sci-Fi? Paranormal? I really don’t know, but if you enjoy any of those types especially ones filled to the brim with action then this is one to read.

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