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Razor (Razor Saga, #1)

Razor (Razor Saga, #1) - Rue Volley
Strictly for over 18’s

After months of grieving her dead boyfriend Rin, Lilah agrees to go with her friend Moxy to the fetish club they all used to visit together. Working her way up to the elusive ‘invitation only’ third floor by playing the ‘sub’ Lilah finally finds the pleasure/pain combination she needs…….. that is until her blindfold is removed and the identity of her ‘dominant’ is revealed.

I feel I might be shot for this review as I seem to be alone in my negative response to the read.

I was lead to believe that I would be ‘shocked’ by the bad-ass content, the cutting with razors and drinking blood to gain sexual high’s, but really?? Come on, we live in the age of vampire mania how can this type of thing begin to surprise us? Yes we were told about our protagonist fingering herself and about her throbbing clit but I have read far more graphic erotica with scenes much better described and more detailed than this.

Believe me I am not in the least bit disturbed by the BDSM contained in this book, or by the masturbation, group sex, self harm, blood or any of the other sexual fetishes covered in it, my gripes are all to do with the execution of this mediocre plot.

The writing style is ‘not the best’ for a published piece of work. Written in first-person narrative I quickly began to hate the word ‘I’ and it was not uncommon to find the word ‘and’ FOUR times in one sentence. I really am stuck for words to describe the shockingly bad structuring of this whole novella, and cannot believe it made it through the edit stage without having some of the syntax issues addressed. At the end of the day this book is on the market and readers put their trust in this author and her publisher enough to part with their money and spend their time reading, in return they expect a half decent read.

This is a fairly short story, which is, I assume, why we have star breaks instead of chapters and the only reason I persevered and read to the end, had it been full length I would not have finished it. I am grateful for one thing and that is that I downloaded my copy free from Amazon and the only thing I have wasted is my time.