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Ghost of a Chance (1 Night Stand, #45)

Ghost of a Chance (1 Night Stand, #45) - Deena Remiel Susannah & Remy were both struggling to find a fulfilling long term relationship, each had very different reasons. After the death of her husband Susannah threw herself into work and didn’t think she would ever be able to love again. Remy had been divorced for ten years, his ex wife called him a ghost of a man because he was always at work and never at home. He now decided it was time he tried to change that, he was lonely and wanted to feel emotion again. This is the story of two people overcoming their past and opening themselves up to love, with a little help from friends and a match maker called Madame Evangeline they take the first steps together.

Ghost of a chance was not what I expected from the blurb, I should have guessed, from the title that it was a ghost story……..but I didn’t!!! I found the plot to be a bit thin, what had happened to Remy was quite unusual and I could accept it in this type of story but his cure happened way too quick and that made the tale lose it’s edge. Romance is my favourite genre so I was a little disappointed with the way this one played out, not because we didn’t get our HEA, we did, it was because it happened way too quick. Susannah realised that the only way for Remy to get his life back was for someone to love him so she decided there and then that she would. Love just doesn’t happen quite like that, they hadn’t even had their date yet!! If we had had at least a few dates or a couple of meetings to let the love develop I would have been happier with the outcome!

On the technical side the story is well written and easy to read with believable dialogue, and I will happily read more work by this author.