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Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel

Blake-A Montana Dayton Novel - Lynn  Thompson Montana is looking forward to some peace and quiet but her plans are quashed when she falls victim of a stalker. Begrudgingly she accepts the help of Max and chase to protect her and hopefully catch her unwelcome admirer.

The story is pretty jumbled up and plenty of guess work is required on the part of the reader. When Montana moves into her house in the mountains we know she wants to hide away from people and be somewhere she won’t be recognised. As the reader I assumed she was a film star or other such celebrity but it turned out that she was famous because she had won the lottery and had become known for investing in small businesses. I also learnt that she was a ‘sensitive’ although this wasn’t fully explained! Max is some type of government agent but his job is never made clear. I still don’t understand who Rose is to Montana, is she an old friend? Is she someone who happened to own the property next to the land Montana bought? Did Montana buy that property because of Rose? Are they related? Chase…….well he is another enigma! I felt through the whole book that the writer had information in her head that she forgot to tell the reader so I am rather confused even though I have finished the book.

There were also lots of silly grammatical errors, extra words, missing words the wrong ‘there’ and ‘your’, as well as mixed tenses within sentences.

Contrary to all the negatives I was still drawn in right from the start, the story was intriguing, I really wanted to know what was going to happen next and what the outcome was going to be. It was exciting, tension building and very unpredictable. The writing for all it’s mistakes was really easy to read and flowed well.

I did not expect the ending but then the whole plot was rather ‘unexpected’…… it left me with lots of questions and the story is open to a sequel. I am surprised but even with all my confusion I really did enjoy this book!

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