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Nate Rocks the World

Nate Rocks the World - Karen Pokras Toz

This is a fantastic book for both boys and girls aged between 8 and 12 years. Nathan Rockledge is one of those kids who other kids love to read about and even watch, and I could easily see the antics of ‘Nate’ being made into a watchable and successful TV series.

Nate’s life is run of the mill, he has an annoying older sister who constantly torments him, a mum who can’t cook or sew, but tries anyway, and a typical dad who thinks his growing up years were so much fun that he repeatedly tells his stories over meals! Not being great at, or really interested in the physical stuff like team games and sports, Nathan prefers to sketch cartoons about where he would rather be and things he would rather do and each chapter tells the story of different superhero adventures he draws himself into.

Being fast paced and constantly moving along this book is bound to hold the attention of most in the targeted age group and is a must buy for parents who want something different for their children to enjoy.

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