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The Faithful Heart

The Faithful Heart - Merry Farmer

The Faithful Heart carries on from where ‘The Loyal Heart’ left off but this time we follow Jack and Madeline’s story. Madeline escapes the convent and finds her way back to Jack only to find the evil Lydia has her eyes on him too! Jack; now in his new position as lord of the manor, is struggling to win over the Noble men’s acceptance, but no matter what he does they still see him as the peasant he was. Ethan and his band of men are causing problems in the forest and after the King is captured it is left to Derbyshire to raise the ransom for his release.

Merry Farmers knowledge of medieval England is palpable, her descriptions are authentic and so visual it is easy to be pulled into that time. The language, the behaviour and the culture are spot on for the day and Merrys love of the era is obvious.

Like the first in the series this book drew me in from the start, the plot is quite complicated and we are introduced to some new, as well as the already known characters, which at times I struggled to keep check of. There is plenty of action and the story moves along quite quickly keeping the reader engaged throughout. The novel is well written and there are no obvious editing issues.

My only gripe is I don’t know how long we have to wait for the release of ‘The courageous Heart’ the concluding book of the series!