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Before the Daisies Grow

Before the Daisies Grow - Micki Street 4.5*

I knew when I read the poetic prologue of this book I was going to enjoy it. I call these types of books my ‘pink and fluffy’ reads…….. They are the escapes that have me laughing out loud, groaning in horror and dabbing my eye with a tissue. They are feel good books and brilliant to lighten any dark mood and make me forget about real life for a while…. I don’t read them often enough!!

These women are spunky!!! It’s not often you hear phrases like ‘Oh, Miss Negativity, he’ll phone. I feel it in my vaginal passage.’ Or ‘Oh Bollocks’ from a 60 odd year old woman!! I just couldn’t help but chuckle. The dialogue was so natural I could hear the women speak and their sense of humour and sense of irony leapt off the page just from the dialogue. They are certainly quirky Glamorous Grannies but I’d rather not have the picture of the ‘grown out’ bikini wax in my mind ( thanx for that one Miss Street!!!!) lol

This is a humorous book and is written in a way that is not forced, the story line is irrelevant, it’s the Grannies antics and terminology that make this such a great read. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who a) needs a pick me up or b) just wants a damn good easy funny read and doesn’t think sexy thoughts are only for the young!!

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