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Legends of the Saloli: Vengeance and Mercy

Legends of the Saloli: Vengeance and Mercy - Adam Bolander

Vengeance and Mercy is the second instalment in the ‘Legends of the Saloli’ series. Blaze had decided to stay Saloli rather than turning back into his human form because he wanted to exact his revenge on Razor for his treason and Goliath for the death of his friends. Inside he knew the Saloli still needed his protection and he wasn’t ready to leave Sunbeam yet even though Faith had given him the chance to return to his own world. The search for the dragon tree is on and for the sword, that Faiths messages from Valde Abbas say will save them.

This is a quick read and a lot shorter than ‘Approaching Storm’ (Book 1 in the series) but is packed with action. Vengeance and Mercy follows on nicely from the first instalment and many of the questions we were left with then are answered here. This is a well written novella with a comfortable writing style and an easy to follow plot. Adam Bolander definitely has an interesting imagination and the tools to share his visions with the reader. There is an epilogue at the end and the story feels finished but is left in such a way that if he wishes he could add to the series with more tales.

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