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Weaver - John Abramowitz Alex Cronlord woke with a start after a nightmare where she was the victim of a murder. Shaking the dream off as ‘first day back at school’ nerves Alex went about her day as normal, that was until she met her murderer in the hall way at school and for some strange reason she couldn’t stay away from him.

Weaver is a quick read, I would probably class it more of a novella than a full length novel I read it in around 3 hours. This is the second work by this author that I have read but I wasn’t as impressed by this as I was by ‘Atticus for the undead’. The idea is definitely ‘unique..ish’ I say ‘ish’ because although the children’s abilities are different the fact that these kids have been genetically engineered for ‘the greater good’ puts me in mind of a James Patterson series I once read called Maximum Ride.

I wasn’t able to connect with all the characters, or at least I didn’t like them all and I found the story jumped around a bit, this could be just because everyone is being introduced and the story is quite full on and fast paced. The author did however do a good job at laying down the foundations for the rest of what could become an interesting series. At the end of the book we are given a sneak peak at book 2 ‘The Void’ which I look forward to reading next.