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The Void

The Void - John Abramowitz


Alex doesn’t know who she can trust anymore, even her nightmares are becoming unpredictable and confusing… Was that the present or the past she dreamt of? She can’t tell anymore. Once Sigmund shows up with his sewn-up face and his unfinished business with Ainsling something has to be done so Graves is left with no choice but to turn to the murdering pyromaniac Zach, and his friend ‘Cloak’ to help Alex travel to the Void and deal with the Xorda once and for all.

This isn’t one of my favourite series’ sometimes I found it a little hard going, it was very busy with lots of things happening, different characters and their stories to keep track of. There was James and his military background, Ainsling and her issues with Sigmund, we have the rejects Zach and Cloak, Miora and her mother and then Alex who was trying to make sense of her visions and deal with watching her mothers early life unfold before her eyes. On top of that we had the Xorda attacking, the involvement of the FBI and the doctor with his syringe full of serum! My head was in a spin with it all!

It was action packed that’s for sure, there was something happening or something to think about in every paragraph. There was no fluff and there was none of the descriptive visuals either…. I kind of missed having the surroundings described and seeing the characters interactions rather than just being told how they feel or what they are thinking. The book is very dialogue driven which left me needing to create Alex’s world from my own imagination with little or no help from the writer.

John Abramowitz can write a great story, he proved that for me with ‘Atticus for the undead.’ ‘The Void’ book 2 in the ‘Weaver saga’ is a very different story and didn’t hold my interest as I hoped it would. All that said it had an interesting premise and an ending that ensures more books will follow. I’m sure there are fans of the genre for whom this series will turn out to be a favourite but it isn’t for me. I think I have been slightly ruined by reading ‘Atticus for the Undead’ first because in terms of grabbing the reader and feeding your imagination I find that book by the author far superior to this saga.

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