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I was instantly impressed by the cover of Solstice, it was so eye catching and professional looking that I assumed the writing itself would have had the same care taken over it……Sadly not. This book can be put in the ‘desperately needs and editor’ pile.

I get so frustrated when this happens, some of the mistakes are so silly………’the’ instead of ‘that’, ‘to’ instead of ‘too’, missing words and extra words, ‘per say’ instead of ‘per se’. They are all unnecessary errors that could easily have been picked up by any pair of fresh eyes. Sentences with words repeated and over long explanations about simple things like unlocking the car, were common place. e.g. ‘She fumbled to reach inside her purse. Her hand wasn’t reaching inside. Wait. Her other hand was still clenched to it so hard it was making it impossible for her other hand to enter the abyss of make-up, gum, and different wallets. She took another deep breath as she looked down into her purse. Her breath was warm as she fumbled for her keys and it felt great when it came lingering around her nose. She was in the habit of searching for items in a frantic way, but there was a faint smell of fear in the air, and it was hers.’ An editor could have helped to polish this work and make it more reader friendly. I can’t say I was overly impressed with the writing style, it wasn’t easy and didn’t flow very well making the read quite difficult.

The actual story was interesting and with a decent editor and a lot of work this could be a good book, at the moment it isn’t. Sorry.

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