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Torn Together

Torn Together - Emlyn Chand

Recovering from a romantic break-up Daly has lost direction in her life so her mum takes it upon herself to force a friendship between Daly and one of the young pregnant girls, Meghann, that she is helping at work. The pair soon become fast friends and it is on a shopping trip together that they meet Kashi, a young Indian man who soon becomes a very important part of Daly’s life.

Torn Together is a love story with a difference. Mixing a girl and a boy from different cultures brings its own set of problems. Daly being far more forward than your average Indian girl. While Kashi living in America still has his native ideals but is willing to forgo his families wishes for an arranged marriage and choose his bride through love instead. When the time came for Daly to meet Kashi’s family things were bound not to go well and I wasn’t surprised by their initial reaction to this very westernised girl. I wasn’t entirely happy with the pairing and there were parts of the story that infuriated me. I found Daly to be a little too pushy at times and where his family was concerned Kashi was too soft. The story took off in directions I didn’t expect and I enjoyed the emotional roller-coaster we were taken on.

Emlyn Chand shows us once again that she is a very able writer. Introducing a diverse set of characters, bringing them to life and allowing the reader to either like or dislike them. Both ethnic minorities and a young pregnant girl outcast by her family and school peers, were included in this story.

The formatting of the kindle version was very interesting. In keeping with the MC’s talent as an art student we were privy to numerous drawings, a nice touch I thought.

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