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The Unfaithful Widow

The Unfaithful Widow - J.S. Wilsoncroft Just weeks after her husbands death, Tess receives a phone call from his solicitor in New York informing her of a property she is to inherit. Confused that her husband of 20 years had bought an apartment without her knowledge she decides to go to New York with her friend Dawn to check it out. Once there she discovers her husband was not the man she thought he was, and he had been living a double life with another family…including children.

The story gives us a full spectrum of emotions. Sadness at the loss of her husband, confusion and betrayal when we discover his secrets, and happiness when Tess finds a new love in Greg. The pacing is unsteady, it kind of drags in the beginning with lots of mundane information, letting the dogs out, wiping their feet clean,and mopping the floor etc, but picks up a little once Dawn and Tess get to New York. The relationship with Tess and Greg fast tracks and develops a bit too quickly for me, but that is just personal taste.

There were a number of editing issues. Sometimes sentences were repeated immediately after each other almost word for word i.e. ‘….as he took another step closer to me. When he took a step closer to me,…..’ these should have been ironed out and reworded in the editing stage but weren’t, also there were lots of occasions where the tense was mixed, ‘turn’ instead of ‘turned’ ‘inheriting’ instead of ‘inherited’ to name a couple, and I wont even go into my thoughts about the use of ‘drug’ as the past tense of ‘drag’!

Unfaithful Widow is a entertaining read, and most readers would not notice the small issues that irritated me so do not be put off this novel by my gripes with it.

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