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Debts and Druids

Debts and Druids - Diana J. Febry Debts and Druids by Diana J Febry

4 Stars

Sinking in debt, thanks to his wife’s overspending on her equestrian hobby, Bob finds something while researching for his thesis that might be able to provide the funds to get his head above water. Sarah knew it was only a matter of time before her past caught up with her and once she realised Bob was digging deep enough into things he had no business looking at, she needed to work on a plan to keep his findings hidden.

Neither the title nor the cover give anything away about this story or the type of book it is, and they don’t really do it justice either. Initially I was a little confused, each chapter was about someone new and it felt impossible to tie them all together, but after the first meeting between Sarah, Duncan, Tina and Bob, things started to fall into place. I wasn’t pulled in immediately but I did become curious, mostly about Sarah, I really needed to know her secret. I did lots of guessing about where the story was heading but did not expect the ending we were given.

Not quite everything was fully tied up, it would have been nice to get the reactions of other people to the out come, Sarah’s husband and children for instance. I would have liked to know what they thought about Sarah’s past life. We never did seem to find out what happened to Jo, did Dick seek his revenge or forgive her? And finally Dick, since he was banned from the house, why was he there that night of all nights? I wanted a couple more chapters of explanation and then I would have been fully satisfied.

Debts and Druids is an interesting and unique story, and Diana Febry managed to keep me turning the pages. I enjoyed the way she writes, it was easy and flowed well. I did find the odd typo but nothing major and certainly not enough to ruin the story.

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