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Kismet - Elizabeth A. Lance

2.5 Stars

Okay, so I like it when creative people think out of the box, writers, musicians, artist whatever their craft; fresh ideas or a new take on an old theme is always a good thing… right? Yes right, so I instantly award 1 star for writing 3 stories in one, all at the same time. The problem is this book just didn’t work for me…Why?…..

Well, the base story follows Mike and his brother Tim as they go out for dinner. It turns out to be a very long winded and eventful meal! While Mike spots Jaden and instantly realises she is the woman of his dreams, Tim connects with the female half of the bars occupants….well not all of them but a lot of them, all in the space of a great steak and an apple pie. Every five minutes Mike goes off into a trance, head-writing his next novel with Jaden as his main character, and each time Jaden leaves Mike and Tim’s table she goes into a trance having visions of her future with Mike in various situations all with different outcomes.

I’d like to say that all three stories were amazing and that I never once got irritated while I was reading, but, they weren’t and I did. None of it felt realistic, Mike and Jaden spent the whole evening in their own worlds, yet they managed to fall madly and desperately in love during the few words they exchanged while ordering food. It really was far fetched even for a romance novel.

Mikes book idea story had a little intrigue but read like the narration from an old Mike Hammer TV show, the way it was written made it feel dated and almost comic like.

I wasn’t sure what to make of Jadens ‘visions’ was she psychic? We were never really told. And each vision she had was different until finally she imagined or should I say had the ‘premonition of’ the outcome she actually wanted.

The whole thing for me felt out of sink, with unnatural dialogue, unrealistic plot lines and overall it was disjointed and bitty.

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