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Always on My Mind (The Sullivans, #8)

Always on My Mind (The Sullivans, #8) - Bella Andre

We have met Naughty in the previous Sullivan stories, and as her nickname suggests she is quite a character. It is for that reason, that I expected more from her than I actually got. There were some funny bits, some hot bits, some touching bits and some sweet bits, but I didn’t feel we got to know Lori. Her character was definitely a let down for me. She put up with a not-so-nice Grayson for almost 50% of the book and that seemed very out-of-character for the girl we had seen glimpses of earlier, which suggested she would have just given the man a piece of her mind and driven away for treating her so negatively.

The whole idea of Lori applying for the job as farm hand was OTT for me. Had it been a housekeeper he was after I could understand his outlandish interview technique, but asking a farm hand to prove they’re capable of the job by cleaning the loo was just too far fetched. Grayson clearly had a lot of guilt issues surrounding the death of his wife, and his self-inflicted punishment of isolation is understandable, but did he really have to be so annoying?

‘Always on My Mind’ is a good read, and Bella Andre is an exceptional contemporary romance writer. I just feel, that for me, this particular story was let down on character development, plot and believability.