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Torn (Caught between the Billionaires) (The Complete Series)

Torn (Caught between the Billionaires) (The Complete Series) - Julia Sykes

Shay finally plucked up the courage to give in to her fantasies so took herself along to a fetish club. Her first experience wasn’t quite as exciting as she thought after the ‘dom’ she paired with failed to give her a safe word and was a little more sadistic than she was prepared to suffer. Saved by bystander, Lucas, she soon finds herself capturing the attention of not one but two doms, who both make it their mission to win her over for themselves and she is torn between the pair.

Torn is definitely an erotica, it is not a ‘romance’ with steamy bits like I was expecting! There is a back-story, filled with intrigue and suspense, but the extremely graphic sex scenes dominate the story. For me not enough time is given to building the characters so they felt flat and fairly two-dimensional. Personally I wasn’t able to connect with them on an emotional level and this ruined the story for me.

Taken as a purely erotic read, Julia Sykes has done a great job. The BDSM seemed authentic and if a rude and crude read is what you’re after this one will fit the bill.

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