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The Courageous Heart

The Courageous Heart - Merry Farmer
After spending 2 years working in the Stag Hunt in London Ethan is surprised to see his old adversaries from Derbyshire, in convoy on their way to the Tower. Curious he stealthily follows them in the shadows and watches their exchange with the king and his men. Seeing Crispin, Jack and Aubrey taken into custody he notices his old friend, Joanna, fleeing the scene with the children so rushes to help her…

I have waited ages (over 6 months!!) for this book to come out and it was worth the wait. The courageous Heart follows Joanna and Ethan’s story, and at last, my feelings towards Ethan have turned around. Earlier in the series I didn’t like him very much, he was so self centred and acted like a spoiled brat. Basically he got on my nerves and deserved everything he got…Luckily he redeemed himself!

Clearly spending time in London, working for a living instead of ‘lording it’ over his manor has brought Ethan down to earth. It was great to watch him slowly realise what is important…people not possessions, and that was what managed to win me over, true to form though he did have the odd inner battle when trying to choose the right path!!

Joanna, aargghh she was so frustrating, she put herself in some dangerous situations making matters much worse than they needed to be. I could understand it… sometimes, I mean trusting Ethan would have been difficult for me too, but more often than not I felt like screaming at her to just stay at the inn like she was told!

The Courageous Heart is a fitting end to a fantastic series. Merry Farmer did a wonderful job of portraying the times, her descriptions of medieval England were spot on and the language was true...(Thankfully NOT once did I notice any ‘Americanisms’ slip in!!!) I’m going to miss reading about the trials and tribulations of this group of people. Ultimately each book was a romance but the continuing back story with its historical facts were an added bonus turning the series into an interesting drama. I am glad to have read it and would highly recommend it to fans of the genre.

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