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The Legend of Adam Caine

The Legend of Adam Caine (Adam Caine #1) - John Charles Scott
This has got to be the hardest book I have read in a long time. Not because it’s a bad book or a poorly written story. The problem with it for me was the complicated plot and the heavy sci-fi content.

I found it hard to follow, (I’m never good with anything that includes time travel) and it has taken me weeks to read, with lots of breaks to give my brain a rest. (which probably added to my confusion) On top of that it is an enormous book, I’ve read full series’ with less pages!

Attention to detail is both a good and bad thing… Over written scenes can be annoying and long-winded, not allowing the reader to use their own imagination. While not enough information can leave you scratching your head in wonder. The Legend of Adam Caine didn’t suffer with underwritten scenes, hence the length of the book!

I have no doubt that hard-core sci-fi fans will love this story, but for me, who just dips my toe in that world occasionally, this was too much. Sorry.

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