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Fern (Blood Vine, #2)

Fern (Blood Vine, #2) - Amy Richie

Willow is finally gaining confidence as leader over her pack, so the group go in search for a suitable place to live. Taking Carrie with them they find a safe place to set up home in a secluded cabin, but soon after they move in they get news that two strangers are looking for them. The strangers, two wolves, inform the pack that Gage is being held prisoner by Bella/Fern leaving the pack with no choice other than to go to the Ancient City to try to rescue him.

Fern is an exciting fast paced book that has you on the edge of your seat one minute, makes you laugh the next and even manages to bring a tear to your eye. I think I experienced every emotion at some point through this story.

The ending had a HORRIBLE cliffhanger……..I HATE cliffhangers and this had one of the most frustrating ones I have come across in a while. I am itching to know what happens with both ------ and ------ (Nope not giving any spoilers here!!!)

Amy Richie has brought something new to the table with this werewolf series, which is both refreshing and exciting, for those of you who haven’t read Willow yet, go out and buy it together with Fern because you will not be disappointed.

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