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End Storm (The End Storm Saga, #1)

End Storm (The End Storm Saga, #1) - Maz Marik

4.5 Stars

When I began reading End Storm I hadn’t read the blurb so had no idea it was a zombie book. I think that fact added to my enjoyment. When everything started happening, the sky turned an odd colour, there was an explosion in London and everyone was running but they didn’t know what from, I was right along side them, I didn’t know what was happening either! I totally put myself in the position Emma was in. What would I do if I was at home with my children and hubby was at work and something like that really happened? Would I wait for him? Would I take my children and run? The thought is too scary to think, I would be a mess!

This book is non-stop from start to finish, the danger is constant and somehow Maz Marik was able to pass those feelings of worry onto me. Nowhere was safe and there was no way to relax while experiencing what each of the characters were going through.

The big shocker for me was the ending. I did not expect it and didn’t like it. Not that it isn’t a great ending, it is just that I personally don’t like my reads to end that way. Not an expert on Zombie stories, although I have read a few, this one has got to be one of the most emotion building ones I have come across and I highly recommend it if this is your genre of choice.

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