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Death Dealer

Death Dealer - Ashley Robertson
The Death Dealer by Ashley Robertson

4 Stars

To avenge the murder of her parents, Mia signed her life away and became a ‘Death Dealer’, a guide of sorts to aid souls into the afterlife. Not as simple as it sounds, the job could, and quite often did become dangerous. When she finally thought justice would be served and she’d received the file to collect Claytons soul (her parents killer), she was devastated to discover not only had he got away with the murder in life, but since he’d recently repented he would also be free in death.

The Death Dealer, a novella and book 1 in ‘A Death Angel’ series, is a well written quick read covering a variety of emotions from sadness when she has to collect her Grandma’s soul, an adrenalin rush when her own life is in danger to anticipation when Deacon and Mia’s feelings for each other surface and we watch their love grow.

This instalment lays the background, giving us the reasons behind Deacon and Mia’s similar reasons for choosing this life and an insight into how everything works. I can see it being quite an interesting series.

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