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The Escape - Amber Fast The Escape by Amber Fast

2 Stars

The Escape is a very simply written story about two young couples and their sex-capades. The girls, Harper and Anna move into a new area and soon meet up with Ryder and Paisley, it isn’t long the four separate into couples and the fun begins! The story moves along with a twist when one of the girls is kidnapped and the hunt is on to find her before it’s too late.

This is a short story, less than 40,000 words, and because of this it is deficient in both detail and feeling. The characters lack depth and the story, in parts is rushed. Some of the chapters were divided into different characters POV’s and others jumped weeks or months in advance thus not giving us time to totally connect with the characters or to digest the events enough to be invested in the outcomes.

There were grammatical errors that could easily be fixed and should have been, plus there are some areas with annoying list like writing that irritates me. I would like to say that as an erotic read the sex made up for the let downs, but that was not the case. All in all I was rather disappointed with the read.

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