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Angel (A Companion to Monster) (Impossible #1.5)

Angel (A Companion to Monster) (Impossible #1.5) - Julia Sykes Angel (Impossible 1.5) by Julia Sykes

4 Stars

Interestingly enough Angel is most of the story of Monster (Impossible #1) but written from Sean’s POV. It was really enlightening seeing things from his side. One of the main things that irritated me with the story ‘Monster’ was the contents of the ‘locked drawer, it came out of left field and had no build up or indication of it. Angel puts those doubts to sleep, because when hearing Sean’s thoughts it was plain throughout that these things were on his mind! Reading a story written from two different points of view is not new to me. There are a couple of authors who have already done this and it is proving to be quite a popular new trend, one I’m glad of!

As ever Julia was able to grab me and keep me hooked from beginning to end and this is a fantastic addition to the Impossible series, it must be noted though that unless you have read Monster, there are some events that might confuse the reader.

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