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In Your Dreams

In Your Dreams - Gina Ardito
After the loss of his friends Jodie and Luc in book one, Sean is left angry, and with no one to trust, especially the Elders. Forced to change jobs from Bounty Hunter to Probation, Sean has to try to save Isabelle from herself and her determination to die by her own hand. Isabelle, an ex child star with a sad past and dim future, can’t see any reason to live. No job, no husband, nothing to look forward to. Will Sean be able to convince her that you can’t take your life because of a future that isn’t written yet?

In Your Dreams is the second book in the Afterlife series and though it is a well written story that was unpredictable and fresh, it didn’t pull the emotions from me that book one did. I felt towards the middle it began to drag and lose its edge. I was so wowed by the vision of this afterlife painted for me in the first instalment that I was expecting the same level of intensity this time around, and the fact that it didn’t have that leaves me feeling a little let down. Still, it was interesting to see how Gina managed to weave the lives of all these characters together in what was a very complicated and inventive way. Some of the connections I was able to guess but others I did not see coming, the conclusion especially was totally unexpected and I liked the fact that it surprised me.

Gina Ardito is a superb author, her writing flows in a way that makes me forget I’m reading so, even though this story wasn’t my favourite by her, it is still a good read and worthy of a place on any ones bookshelf.

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