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Finding Mother

Finding Mother - Anne  Allen Finding Mother by Anne Allen

5 Stars

Finding Mother is a touching and emotional drama about Nicole and her search for her birth mother. After discovering her husband has been unfaithful she wants to end the marriage but finally agrees on a trial separation. Once her contract is up at work she decides to get away and go back to Guernsey to search for her biological mother.

I really felt for Nicole’s adoptive parents in this book, I could totally understand how they would feel insecure once she announced she wanted to find out where she had come from, and who she was. They would be worried that she would want to be with her ‘new mum’ and they would lose her. It is such an awkward situation for Nicole to be in, wanting those answers yet not wanting to hurt her parents.

I loved this novel, the characters were realistic and relatable, the writing was comfortable, the imagery was good, the story moved along, and I felt the emotion from every member of the cast. This is the second novel I have read by Anne Allen and though I enjoyed ‘Dangerous Waters’ I thing this story was more believable and satisfied me more.

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