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Redemption: Blood and Honor, #3 (Volume 3)

Redemption - Dana Delamar Redemption (Blood and Honor #3) by Dana Delamar

5 Stars

Filled with secrets and lies, betrayal and mistrust, Redemption is at times a heart-wrenching story. Following Antonio and Bianca on their journey of rediscovering each other, but never being quite sure if each can forgive the other for past acts best forgotten, was all consuming for me and I couldn’t pull myself away from the book.

Over the past few years since the introduction of e-readers the market has been flooded with independently/self published works, and for a couple of years these books have been my main source of reading material. Sadly I have begun to accept, as the norm, what on the whole, is substandard published work. Simply written books with unimaginative plots, poor sentence structure, and hundreds of pages that are riddled with misused and misspelled words. Reading this book has made me realise just how short changed I have been by the majority (not all) of the books I have been reading of late.

When reading the Blood and Honor series I forget that this work is not traditionally published. The sequence of events is so intricately weaved and well thought out that it must have been years in the planning to keep straight. The expansive cast each have their part to play with a well formed history to reinforce their value in the script, a script that in my opinion would be worthy of Coppola’s direction. Though ‘mobster’ books are not my genre of choice I did enjoy Jackie Collins’ 1980’s Lucky Santangelo series and would happily group the Blood and Honor series in the same category for its authenticity and attention to detail.

This book is by no means perfect, I was disappointed to find some of those annoying little typo’s in here too, but cannot in my heart of hearts penalise the book by reducing my rating by even half a star. When I compare the quality of the writing, the complexity of the plot and the development of the characters in this series to other books I have awarded 4 or even 4.5 stars to, this one is clearly worthy of a much higher rating than many of them. Not only do I look forward to reading more in the series I am also really excited and can hardly wait.

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