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Betrayal: The Priestess Trilogy

Betrayal  - Melissa Sasina Betrayal by Melissa Sasina

4 Stars

The time has come for Shiovra to travel to Dun Fiain to marry Lord Culann’s son, a man she has never met, to hopefully bring peace between the clans. The journey was not without incident, Fomorii fog separated the group allowing Shiovra to be attacked by Cumhea, and Odhran to be critically injured trying to rescue her. Saved by a stranger named Morgan, Shiovra discovered markings on Odhran’s back which gave doubt to his true identity, leaving Shiovra confused about her feelings, and with a decision to make about her upcoming wedding.

Although it is well over a year since I read book one of the series, Defiance, I was quickly able to get back into the story. It did take me a little time to recall who was who, which characters belong to what clan, and who were the good guys so to speak, this was just because of the unusual names, but I always struggle with names chosen by fantasy writers! I’m a sucker for a love story and really enjoyed those parts of the plot. Odhran has been added to my list of favourite book men, his feelings for Shiovra and his protectiveness of her was dreamy.

I really enjoy Melissa’s easy writing style and her stories, though not totally unique as they follow the ‘Fantasy pattern’ of female lead character who has to go on a journey fighting along the way etc, they are still entertaining and manage to elicit a variety of emotions from the reader.

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