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Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)

Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

4 Stars

I think I picked this book up just at the right time, it gave me everything I was looking for and I sailed through it in one day. The relationship between Travis and Pidge was not a healthy one but I still enjoyed the journey with the comfort of knowing that it was only in book land, and not a real life relationship, because that would be just scary!

Travis was the ultimate bad boy and he did appeal to me, though his violent tendencies outside the ring were a worry. Thinking it acceptable to punch anyone and everyone with no control over his temper would definitely be a turn off if he was flesh and blood, but, well in fantasy land lots of things can be forgiven and for me his attractiveness out shone those bad bits!

I would have liked to see more from both their pasts, just so I could perhaps understand them a little better. We were told bits about Abby’s father but I would have liked to know more and I really didn’t read anything about Travis’ past that would account for his adult behaviour. In all even though the plot was full and fast paced it felt lacking in the deeper nitty gritty things that would have made the story better.

I still really enjoyed it though and am looking forward to reading Walking Disaster and hopefully finding out a little more about what makes Travis tick.