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Illusions Begin

Illusions Begin - N.L. Greene Illusions Begin by N L Greene

4 Stars

Well this was a story I didn’t expect! Totally different to anything I’ve ever read before, I was fully engrossed and taken on a magical journey from the very first page.

When Becky experienced her first magic show as a child she was fascinated and became almost obsessed with the need to solve every trick, discover how each illusion worked and even make up a few of her own. Sadly her parents didn’t share her enthusiasm causing Becky to enjoy and practice in secret. The older she got the more interested she became, but this was not a pastime that suited her social standing nor was it expected of someone in her profession.

Becky’s life had been pre-planned for her, from her career in law, to the man she would marry, and up until now, not wanting to disappoint her parents, she went along with their wishes. It wasn’t until a mystery man appeared in her life that she really began to question herself, should she continue on the path her parents have set out for her, or should she follow her heart into the unknown and see where it takes her?

Illusions Begin is a paranormal romance but with a difference. It doesn’t follow your typical paranormal pattern and we have not one possible love interest, but two, both of which are worthy candidates. Also thrown in the mix is the undesirable ex with his smarmy attitude and face you want to punch, and I found the combination thrilling. I enjoy being surprised and not knowing where a story will take me, and this book ticked all the boxes on that front, it was exciting, and fresh.

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