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Afternoon Delights

Afternoon Delights - Melissa Ringsted,  Elise Marion,  Karen Swart,  Emily Fogle,  Elizabeth Marx,  Elizabeth Kirke,  Kimberly Larson,  L.P. Dover

5 Stars

‘Afternoon Delights’ is a compilation of short sexy stories from various different great authors. Perfect for lunchtime fillers each narrative is ideal fodder for a reader on the go.

L P Dover surprises us with a Fedex guy who has a very special delivery with a twist and Elizabeth Kirke shares a taster of two of her Semester Aboard Characters in a hot and steamy M/M office break. Karen Swart’s hero, Jacob saves the day when he leads his men into a camp filled with civilians and finds his wife amongst the captives. And Caleb and Liv both agree their hook up will just be a holiday fling…or will it? Read Kimberly Larson’s ‘Our Little Secret’ to find out. If cheating husbands or arranged marriages take your fancy then Elise Marion and Emily Fogle have the perfect story for you. And be sure to check out Elizabeth Marx’ ‘What happens in Vegas’ to find out how Tricia manipulates the situation when she agrees to work with Fletch and offers services which she doesn’t normally provide.

A great read.