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Finding Kia (The Lost Girl Duology, #1)

Finding Kia (The Lost Girl Duology, #1) - Airicka Phoenix Finding Kia - The Beginning (The Lost Girl #1) by Airicka Phoenix

4 Stars

Airicka Phoenix is an author whose name I have seen floating around on social network but have never really looked into her work. A conversation last night piqued my interest so I decided to download one of her books and see what type of writer she is. I was pleasantly surprised so tonight I am downloading book 2 …. Mainly because it ended on one of those god awful cliffhangers that I hate so much!

Kia was an overly tall, dowdy, glasses wearing nerd, who blended into the background unnoticed, and liked it that way, but after accidentally saving Claudia DeLarenzo’s life, she is invited to one of Claudia’s infamous party’s and reluctantly agrees to go. Next Kia meets the boy of her dreams when he walks into the Taco joint she works in, but unfortunately she turns into the biggest clutz in the world and totally embarrasses herself, only to learn later that he is actually Adam, the brother of her best friend Nessie. It is no surprise that when the night of the party arrives she notices Adam is at the party too, but as it is a masquerade ball her face is hidden and he doesn’t know who she is.

The story continues with a kind of Cinderella theme where he is desperately trying to find the mysterious girl, but she thinks he would change his mind if he knew it was her. Though predictable and a tale we all know, I was still pulled in and read the book in one sitting. What can I say I’m a sucker for love!

I did enjoy this read, it was quirky and fun with lots of humour, and even the exaggerated clumsiness, the fact that Mr. Hottie just happened to be the brother of Kia’s best friend, and the chance meeting at the party, where Adam didn’t recognise the 6ft tall Kia, can all be forgiven, no matter how far fetched and groan worthy these facts were!

Airicka’s writing style was really fluid and easy to read, she is one of the few authors I have found with such comfortable writing, there were no awkward sentences or reason for pause. The whole thing including the dialogue flowed naturally and I am sure I will be working my way through all this authors works.