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Once Upon a Love Story

Once Upon a Love Story - Beth D. Carter Once Upon a Love Story by Beth D Carter

3 Stars

A difficult childhood and poor education led Delilah into a life of stripping and dead end, weekend jobs. Not trusting any one, a relationship was the last thing on her mind when Caleb walked into the club that night. Three years after he lost his wife to cancer, Caleb goes to spend a few weeks in his friends Malibu beach house, meeting, and falling for a woman was not what he expected. With the chemistry between the pair undeniable they take tentative steps into an unknown future.

Once Upon A Love Story is an erotic romance that pushes two broken people together in an electrical way. It’s a bumpy journey highlighting both their insecurities, as they slowly learn to open up to each other. Caleb isn’t the experienced male with a string of women in his past oozing confidence, we usually get to read about, he is quiet reserved and has only had one lover, his dead wife. It was different to have the male lead being the ‘almost’ virginal partner.

Beth Carter has written some steamy scenes in this book and it is a fun but predictable quick read.

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