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Uncovering You

Uncovering You - Scarlett Edwards Uncovering You by Scarlett Edwards

3 Stars

After her third year of college Lily finds herself a summer internship and is offered a position that sounds too good to be true. Deciding to take a year out and earn some serious money that will enable her to pay off her student debt, she is devastated when after only two weeks on the job her contract is terminated. Lily is left jobless, homeless and in debt with nowhere to go.

I was a little confused at the beginning of the book. I’m not a reader who pays attention to headers so I had to keep going back to check the timeline. That was irritating! Once the story began it was easy to follow where we were, or maybe I learned to pay attention to the headers!

We are totally inside Lily’s messed up head, her world consists of a room, light and dark, and a collar around her neck restricting her freedom. Her confusion and her determination are what drive the story, and her memories are what feed the reader the pieces of information that build the picture of what is actually happening to her.

I didn’t like Lilly, I thought she was standoffish and unapproachable, but I still wouldn’t wish her situation on anyone. I was constantly hoping she would refuse to sign the contract, and in effect starve herself to death, which was quite a bizarre thought, but I really didn’t want this man to win by her signing the contract.

As I watched the percentage counter on my kindle approach the end I was becoming more anxious that the story didn’t seem to be coming to a conclusion. I was running out of words but still didn’t have my answers. When I got to the end, which wasn’t an OMG cliffhanger, I was really disappointed and felt kind of flat.

I chose to review this book after a quick scan of the blurb, it piqued my interest and I was curious. I think perhaps if I’d taken the time to check out the series as a whole and how it is going to be published, I wouldn’t have read the book. I like to read a story in its entirety, I don’t mind a series but the ones I go for don’t leave you hanging, each book finishes leaving me satisfied and wanting to read the next book, not because I’m left with unanswered questions, but because the book was so good and complete that I want to continue the journey. This series is to be published in sections at intervals of around 3 weeks, that isn’t the way I enjoy to read, if I did I would go on one of those sites where unpublished writers post stories online by the chapter as they’ve written it. I may wait until the whole series is published and read it altogether but I won’t be rushing out on April 20th for installment number two!

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