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A Match Made in Hell: 5 (The Dream Series)

A Match Made in Hell (Book 5 in The Dream Series) - Gladys Quintal A Match Made In Hell (The Dream Series #5) by Gladys Quintal

3 Stars

As further information comes to light about the curse, it is more important than ever to protect AJ. With the help of Seb Chloe and Moyra, Maria is chosen to keep both Cassie and her son safe, while Alexi still battles with his own demons over what he has done.

A Match Made in Hell is book 5 in The Dream Series and is a quick read. The story continues as AJ grows older and the path he must choose is getting closer. I felt this novella was more of an info dump than an action packed read. We were given details of Elizabeth’s motives, the way Maria was called as protector and about how AJ’s destiny is determined by the choices he makes by the time he is 18. I feel they were all essential details but kind of wish the book was full length and had a little more happen in it.

The writing was easy to read and flowed well, though I felt the end was very abrupt and left me turning the page expecting to find more, none was there and I wonder how many books will be in this series before we reach it’s conclusion.

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