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Nate Rocks the City (Nate Rocks, #4)

Nate Rocks the City (Nate Rocks, #4) - Karen Pokras Toz Nate Rocks The City by Karen Pokras Toz

5 Stars

Nathan Rockledge is a young boy who loves to draw and sees himself as a superhero. As he goes around his normal day he often finds his mind wandering, and his pencil moving as he sketches himself into adventures that make his life more exciting. This instalment of the ‘Nate Rocks Series’ sees Nate as he travels to New York City on a school trip and is the last book of the set.

Nate’s adventures include, saving one of Tommy’s family heirloom’s by attacking the burglars with a barrage of base balls. Saving a classmate from a deadly spider bite by catching it in his underwear, Ideal little boy humour! and using his Mums meatloaf sandwich to catch the ‘Birdinator’ at the zoo, Nate’s Mum is a terrible cook!

Nathan takes his inspiration from everyday events that happen around him and the stories are fantastic for encouraging the young to use their own imaginations. The characters are relatable for the target audience and the language used is suitable for the 8-12 years age group.

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