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Take Me There

Take Me There - Carolee Dean ‘Take Me There’ is a teen coming of age drama. It’s the very sad story of Dylan, a boy who had a lot of tough breaks and not a lot of luck on his side.

It was a dark and depressing book that I think a lot of teenagers will enjoy, but I’m a little old for all the ‘drama’ I prefer books with hope and a happy ending, this had false hope and a sad ending. When I read I do it to feel good not to walk away wanting to slit my wrist lol.

I know there is an audience out there for this type of drama, I’m just not it! I had expected a light hearted romance when I bought the book so was slightly disappointed with what I actually got.

All that said the story was well written, the pace was steady and unpredictable and I know in its genre this is a very good book. I’m rating it 4* because that is what it deserves even though it was not really to my taste.