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Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 2)

Lover Eternal - J.R. Ward

Does anyone really fall in love at ‘first sound’?? The way Rhage dry humped Mary on their first meeting was so unrealistic and far fetched I couldn’t help but groan. . . . . I mean given the situation ……she was in a very strange building and already felt uneasy, surely seeing a strange man dragging himself down a corridor would in itself set off alarm bells. Then he gropes her and almost rapes her in said hallway with her two friends right there (one of which-John, who already sees himself as some kind of protector) yet they don’t say a word or come to her aid and she herself ‘enjoys it, WTF.???

Then it just gets worse, the guy kills some lessers in front of her, wipes her memory then stays in her house, knowing full well when morning comes he’s going to burn up in the sunlight yet doesn’t take any precautions, like shutting the curtains or something so he wakes up burning and just comes out with “yeah I’m a vampire”
The man is an experienced warrior and X number of years old……..he just wouldn’t act that way, if that was his nature he a) wouldn’t be a warrior and b) would have died years ago.

To top it all, after fucking 8 different women in one week alone he then goes out spends the night fighting and comes home to Mary, and after he admits to her he has just done the dirty with some stranger in a bar she screws his arse off for the first time……..NO-WAY would that happen……….yeah I know this is a paranormal romance but even though Rhage isn’t human Mary is and a human female would just not forgive that in 10 seconds……….if ever

I give up J R WARD you take the piss!!!!