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Unwritten Rules

Unwritten Rules - M.A. Stacie Awww what can I say about this book? Awww says it all really.
It’s a page turner for sure, not because it’s full of suspense and you need to find answers, but because the relationship between Jonah and Elle is so promising that you can’t help but stalk them!!

The ‘hot’ sex is well written and the intense feeling you get when you’re in love, when the world is just the two of you and nothing else exists was described to perfection.

I’m sad I’ve reached the end I want to follow them some more. I’m going to miss Jonah and his hot tattooed body, his vulnerability, his drawings and his music, not to mention his eyes and his dimple and oh did I mention his hot tattooed body!!!

M.A. Stacie I look forward to reading more of your work!