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Believe: Book One: The Tales of The Realm

New Dynamics in Old Age: Individual, Environmental, and Societal Perspectives - Hans-Werner Wahl I won this copy on Goodreads Giveaways and would like to thank Erin for signing the book, for the note and for the inspirational bookmark x

Believe is a lovely fairytale about a young woman (Lilly) from the ‘outer world’, whose belief in all things magical is the only thing that can save ‘the realm’ from the destruction that ‘doubt’ is about to cause. We follow Lilly on her heroic journey, meeting mermaids wizards and dwarves along the way who help her in her task & keep her safe from the ‘Phantom Lords’ who are out to stop her.

There is suspense and action in this well written YA story which will possibly appeal to children as young as 8; I know my 10 and 12 year old daughters will love this book.

I enjoyed watching Lilly grow emotionally and her feelings of sadness and fear were palpable as she lost new friends, fell in love and realised the enormity of the sacrifice she may need to make in order to fulfil her destiny.

The writing style took me back to my childhood and put me in mind of Enid Blyton as I read (who was one of my favourite childhood authors!) the simplicity of the writing made for an easy quick read and I’m sure it will be enjoyed by many young girls.