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A Bloody London Sunset (Sunset Vampire Series, Book 2)

A Bloody London Sunset - Jaz Primo Firstly I would like to thank Jaz for sending me a signed copy of his book. Like the first in the series, A Bloody London Sunset has a lovely front cover and the book feels nice to hold.

Katrina and Caleb’s relationship continues to be strong, I really like what Caleb said to Tanisha when he was defending their relationship to her.... ’There’s usually more to a couples relationship than what’s presented to the outside world. There is always something that’s only known between just those two people. What’s important is that a couple arrives at mutually agreeable terms for the structure of their relationship.’.... That is such a deep and meaningful statement and so true I loved it!

I could totally sympathise with Caleb when he found out Katrina had actually been in is life since he was a child but had made him forget, but I could also understand why she had done it…….it was one of those really hard situations where you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t! The only way for them to move on properly was to do everything possible to bring back his memory; and it turned out well when he did.

I am totally liking this new stronger Caleb, I felt in the first book he was a bit of a wimp but he has managed to shake off that image with his new fighting skills which makes him a better match for the over controlling Katrina (who I don't like very much!)

The story flows well and runs at a steady pace, there is action & intrigue, romance & love and enough suspense to keep you turning the pages right to the very last one.